The future of Bay Area Gospel Music has been built on a solid foundation...It is now up to us to keep building and expanding it’s reach...

Celebrate the culture, history and future direction of Bay Area Gospel Music with inspiring and dynamic performances from Artists and Contributors from all across the country. The 2nd Annual Bay Area Gospel Music Weekend is sure to continue serving as a bridge, helping build better communities through creative expression. 

Opening Night we will host, “Bay & Beyond! Artist Showcase and Open Mic”; where a variety of artists, gospel and secular, who all recognize the influence of Gospel music in multiple genres and styles of music, will share their gifts. Well known indie artists from across the country will grace the stage and we will hear from our event sponsor IndieBlu on their contribution to the transformation and future of the music industry.

...bridging the gap to build better communities through creative expression.

The rest of the weekend will feature panel discussions, networking opportunities, educational connections, vision casting and the return of the finale concert, One Voice! Festival of Choirs; a gospel choir experience featuring choirs from Northern and Southern California and honoring directors, and leaders who have impacted Bay Area Gospel Music